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Accidents can happen at any time, but after taking a canine first aid course, you'll be prepared to tackle minor injuries with confidence. All courses are run by qualified veterinary professionals and have been rated "Excellent" by previous clientele. Learn skills that could save your dog's life in an emergency situation.

Learn how to tackle problems such as:

- Fractured or broken bones

- Choking

- Bleeding

- Bandaging


Our courses go through vital first aid basics that all dog owners should know. You'll even be able to try out bandaging on one of our dogs, to help cement your knowledge with hands-on experience.

Take our first aid course and discover how to treat your pet in an emergency.

Deal with emergencies

Learn valuable new skills

Of course, accidents happen, but a dog who obeys commands is less likely to get himself into a sticky situation. Find out more about the dog training services we offer. Once you've tackled your first aid course, you might want to buy some dog accessories to put together a canine first aid kit.

An obedient dog is a safe dog

Send us an email to find out more or book a place on our canine first aid courses.


International Society of Animal Professionals

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