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Here at Baindream Dog Training Centre, we work with all kinds of dogs. No matter what your dog's age, breed or behavioural issues, we can achieve effective and lasting results. From small group classes of 10 or 12 to one-on-one training in your own home, we'll pick the most suitable method to teach you and your dog the tools you need to work on obedience and good behaviour.

 -Dedicated indoor training facility

 - Air-conditioned and central-heated

 -Puppy and obedience training classes

 -Canine first aid classes

 -One-to-one training available

You might think it's too late for your dog to get out of a bad habit, but that isn't the case. We choose the most appropriate method and venue to ensure your four-legged friend can succeed.

Work with us to help solve your dog's behaviour problems.

Our facilities and services

All dogs can learn new tricks

While our focus is on dog training, there's more than meets the eye at Baindream Dog Training Centre. You might be interested in purchasing something from our selection of dog food and accessories. We also offer canine behaviour consultations, for advice on behaviour problems.

There's lots going on at Baindream Dog Training Centre

Do you want a more obedient dog? Send us an email today.


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